Welcome home

Coming home and feeling well is not just a question of the sofa, the light or the fabrics. It is rather all about a more complex puzzle, where many intricate pieces have come together to form that perfect whole. That coming together can be achieved through a delicate composition or a genius clash of contrasting elements. Most importantly, it truly comes together. It all works, resulting in individual cosiness, which also distinguishes the people in the room.

Since 2008, Antje Hruby has devoted herself to Hruby Interiors with a passion and a feeling for colours, forms and materials. She has a keen sense of style honed from her many years working as a fashion editor and art director both at home and abroad. As fashion and interiors have many similar aspects, it was not long before she turned her stylish eye on furniture, fabrics and the art of designing custom made pieces that will enhance each space.

Regardless if she discovered the pieces herself or designs them, Antje Hruby’s rooms always boast her signature, artfully combined with that of the customer. And the results, a perfect union, easing that final piece of the puzzle perfectly in place. Warm. Timeless. And cosy.